Antique Bathroom Sinks
All faucets on these antique sinks are sold "as is" with no warranty or guarantee. Please contact us for a shipping estimate on any of these sinks. Email us or call us at 585-325-2264.
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Row 1    

VBS081310-02: Pretty little Kohler pedestal sink Lavender? in color. Sink sells in as is condition see photo of crazing front left corner. Otherwise in good condition. Hardware also sold as is.  24" W by 20" D $545.00

VBS081310-03: Beautiful Kohler circa 1930 Spring Green? in color pedestal sink. A bit of wear in the bowl otherwise in good condition. Hardware sold as is. 27" W by 22" D $875.00

VBS081310-01: Circa 1930 Kohler Tuscan? in color pedestal sink in very good condition. Hardware sold as is.. 30" W by 24" D $695.00

Row 2      

VBS032410-10: 2 vitreous china sink legs "not a matched set" circa 1920s? 23" tall with a 4 3/8" max diameter. Both in good condition . Sell separately for $95.00 each.



VBS032912-02 No wall mounting brackets no legs pedestal or otherwise on this very interesting circa 1905 JL Mott earthenware bathroom sink. Looks like it sat on cleats and was tiled into walls since it is unfinished on three sides. If you are looking for something different this might be the one. Sink is crazed with a few pits and some chips around the outer top edge. Also has original faucets, drain stop pull handle, overflow all sold as is, sorry original drain is missing. 26” W by 24 ½” D with a 4 ½” backsplash. $995.00

Row 3   

VBS121010-05:  A great blue vitreous pedestal sink!  This sink is in pretty good condition.  There are some small chips at the base of the pedestal, one at the top of the pedestal (See Photo) and some minor scuffs around the edge.  The faucet, sold separately, is a new reproduction available here also.  Sink is 24 1/2W by 20 1/4"D.  $395

VBS0730-01: Pink hues decorate this early 1900s marble sink with fuller style faucets (sold as is) and backsplash. Hole is a poor repair job from the past our apologies. Marble and bowl in otherwise good condition.  30" L by 20" deep $450.00

  VBS120630-02:  STANDARD? Pedestal sink 24" W by 24" D with a 4" Backsplash in good condition one repaired chip see photo. $850.00

VBS041111-1: This is an AMAZING built in corner marble sink & bowl. This is a beautiful sink made by J.L Mott & John Dimmock & Co. Hanley Staffordshire Potteries. The patent date on the nickel waste pull is 1887. There is a crack in the bowl, near the waste pull and some slight scratching overall. This would be a wonderful addition to any turn of the century (or earlier) bathroom! The side towel bar holder is missing its glass rod, which would be 15-3/8”-15-1/2” long. The overall size of the sink is 30-1/4” wide x 22-1/2” deep x 31” tall.  The backsplash is 30” wide x 22” tall and the side splash is 20-1/2” wide x 22” tall. $2650

Row 4      
Porcelain Sink, top only. 24" wide and deep, 3 1/2 inch backsplash. Perfect for cabinet insert or table top use. $295

  VBS0117-11: Marble Corner Sink, unusual corner mount unit. Painted bowl has hairline cracks. 28" wide x 19-1/2" front to back. $375.

Row 5     06130229a.jpg (391152 bytes)

VBS032811-1: A very cute yellow Crane console sink! This Crane “Drexel” sink has chrome towel bars on each side, chrome legs, and the mounting brackets are included. This sink is in great condition. The hardware is sold as-is. There may be an issue with the drain mechanism, it hasn’t been tested.  27-1/4” wide, including the towel bars, by 18-1/4” deep. $275 SOLD


VBS050311-1: A great American Standard Cast iron enameled sink. The sink is in pretty good condition with some wear to the enamel around the faucet holes and overflow. There is no hardware. 24” wide x 20” deep x 31” high.  $125

  VBS06130229 Porcelain Pedestal sink with fluted base. A beautiful sink, it does have two spots that are damaged, see photos below. $825

Width: 30"

Front to back: 24"

06130229b.JPG (40961 bytes) 06130229c.JPG (116840 bytes)

Row 6    
  VPA061710-6: Set of three enamel over cast iron sink brackets, Belgian, for a utility or kitchen sink probably. 13-1/2" projection from wall x 12" high. $180 set of 3. VBS1120-05

"Thomas Maddox" vitreous china pedestal sink.

Good condition, 2 surface cracks with reproduction hot and cold faucets. 33" wide by 24" deep and 30" tall. $1,500.00

VBS050610-01: Vintage porcelain over cast iron bathroom sink pedestals in need of a good home. "It's lonely here in the warehouse all by themselves" All circa 1910 -1920s. Call for sizes. $40.00 Each.

Row 7      
: A medium sized vitreous china wall hung sink in good overall shape with a few small pits in the finish. Probably will need new hardware. $165.00

A nice, short, vitreous china pedestal sink. This sink is in good condition. The hardware is sold as-is and is reproduction. 24” wide x 19-1/2” deep x 29-3/4” tall. $275
Row 8    

VBS032811-1: A very cute yellow Crane wall hung sink! This Crane "Drexel" sink comes with the mounting brackets. The sink is in great condition and hardware is sold as-is. There may be an issue with the drain mechanism, it hasn't been tested. 21-3/4" wide x 18-1/4" deep. $175

VBS081911-1: A nice wall hung “Case” porcelain sink. The sink is in good condition, not really any noticeable wear. Hardware is sold as-is. 17-3/4” wide x 16” deep x 7-1/2” tall. $175


VBS081911-3: A Crane “Nova” integral spout pedestal sink. The sink is in good condition, with some wear and rust spots to the drain and surrounding area. Hardware is sold as-is, handles are not original to the sink. 27” wide x 21-3/4” deep x 31-1/4” tall. $475

Row 9    

VBS090811-1: A beautiful cast iron wall hung sink! This sink is in good condition, with a few scratches and some wear around the drain. The curved design is beautiful and there is a very nice pair of brackets that hold up the sink. The hardware is newer and sold as-is. 25” wide x 20” deep x 12” backsplash. $475


VBS090211-1: This is a nice Crane wall hung (could be a console) integral spout, vitreous china sink. The porcelain is in good shape, no visible cracks. The handles aren’t attached well and have a decent amount of wear to the chrome. The hardware is sold as-is. 21-3/4” wide x 18” deep. $275

    VBS090211-4: This is a Crane cast-iron wall hung sink. There are some pits, crazing, and rust & staining around the drain, but the overflow is in good shape. Faucets sold as-is. 20” wide x 17-1/2” deep x 8” back splash. $195
Row 10          
Row 11   0616BathSinkB.jpg (252974 bytes)

: A great salmon colored Crane vitreous china pedestal sink. The sink is in great shape and would make a great addition to any retro bathroom! The wall mounting brackets are also included. Hardware is sold as-is. 24” wide x 20” deep x 31” tall. $450

: A nice “Standard” grayish-purple integral spout pedestal sink. This sink is vitreous china and in very good shape. Hardware is sold as-is. 27-1/2” wide x 22-1/4” deep x 31-1/2” tall. $450

VBS100611-06: 1950s Vitreous china wall mounted bathroom sink In good condition just some hard water build up around faucet. 22 ¼” W by 19” D with a 4” backsplash and legs. $195.00

  VBS0616-B these make great utility sinks or pantry or bathroom sinks. See many more of them on our Kitchen page...
Row 12    

VBS101811-02 White and grey marble corner sink heavily stained, bowl is cracked as well. Comes with (2) 10” T backsplashes $275.00 As Is
VBS101511-02 A pink marble sink with some black striations in fair condition. Porcelain bowl is cracked and the marble could use a good polish. 30” W by 20 ¼” D $300.00

VBS101811-04 Unique little pink marble plinth blocks made for a bathroom. 4 ¾” W by 4” T $75.00 set of 4
Row 13    
VBS101811-03 Nicely designed vitreous china sink base in good condition. Sorry no top available. Stands 23” T and has an 8” Diameter top. $75.00




VBS102011-1: A very beautiful earthenware console sink! There isn’t a stamp on this but the waste pull is marked as J.L. Mott pat’d in 1875. The basin faucets are not original to the sink and all the hardware is sold as is. There is some pitting in the bowl, and a little crazing but overall this sink is in great shape. 33” wide x 30-1/2” tall with a 16” tall backsplash. $1795 SOLD






VBS101911-05: 1940 Crane Drexel yellow sink with a 3” tall backsplash.  Comes with legs and towel bars in overall good condition. Faucets sold as is. 27” w by 21 “ T $225.00


Row 14      
  VBS110211-3: A very old earthenware peg leg sink. This sink is unfortunately missing the leg. There isn’t a date stamp, but 1890’s was our estimate. There is a good amount of crazing and one oval shaped (2-1/2” x 1-1/2”) faucet hole. The wall mounting bracket is included. 21-3/4” square with a 7” backsplash. $425

VBS110211-4: A “Standard” vitreous china pedestal sink. This sink has a great geometric base, which is not original to the top and is in pretty good shape overall with some wear to the drain and overall scratches to the finish. 24-3/4” wide x 21-3/4” deep x 31- ¾” tall $400

VBS110411-1: A cast iron enameled pedestal sink. This sink has  a nice geometric design and is in decent shape with some rusting around the overflow and drain area and some general pitting. 23-3/4” wide x 19-1/2” deep x 31” tall $375
Row 15    
VBS101911-07: 1940s light yellow sink with integral spout in good condition. 22” W by 18” D $325.00

VBS100611-1: This is a beautiful marble corner sink! The “Star” was manufactured by Dimmock & Fink, with a patent date of 1888. There are some surface scratches visible on the left side, but they are completely smooth to the touch. The bowl has a beautiful design through it and the stamp is also very nice. This would be a great addition to any vintage bathroom! 31” wide x 24” deep x 9” deep bowl. $425


VBS110911-03      A small Crane pegleg sink, sorry no leg available. In good condition overall except for the damage on the bottom, not structural, may complicate attaching a leg though. 20” W by 18” D with a 6” Backsplash. $175.00

Row 16        

VBS111011-03  A cast iron wall hung sink has been refinished with a powder coating process. Not very well done but the finish is solid. 26” W by 13” D $150.00
Row 17  
VBS111111-01 1950s Crane drop in porcelain sink kind of interesting. 20” W by 19” D in good condition. $125.00

VBS010412-13: This is a nice small cast iron pedestal sink. This oval sink has a built in soap dish in front of the waste pull. There is a lot of wear to that area and a little around the drain, but overall the sink is in good shape. One spot to point out is that there is some pitting in the enameled finish (see photo). 28” wide x 20-1/2” deep x 30-1/2” tall. $625

VBS110911-04     1946 wall hung sink no hardware with this one. It is in good shape overall. 20” W by 18” D with a 6” Backsplash.  $175.00

VBS101911-04: Very small vitreous china pegleg sink sorry no pegleg with it.  20” W b y19” D in good condition. $150.00

Row 18

VBS111411-01 A Crane “Ipswich” model corner sink in good condition. 17” across each backsplash and 23” from back corner to front of bowl. $325.00

VBS111411-02 A pair of 1960s corner sinks both in good shape, sell separately. 17” across each backsplash and 20“ from back corner to front of bowl. $175.00 Each

VBS111411-03 1955 “STANDARD” corner sink 17” across each backsplash and 19” from back corner to front of bowl. In good condition $175.00

VBS111411-04 1950s wall hung sink in good shape other than one surface crack on side of sink. 21 ½” W by 19” D $150.00

VBS111411-05 Porcelain over cast iron wall hung sink looks like it once had corner brackets supporting it. A good candidate for refinishing with some scratches and small cracks in porcelain. 24” W by 18” D with an 11” backsplash. $195.00
Row 19    

VBS110111-05 Miscellaneous pair of sink brackets, not a set, in good shape. $40.00 each.


VBS101012-1:  This is a beautiful Thomas Maddocks sink circa 1916. The sink was originally an integral spout sink, but has since been fitted with basin taps. The sink has an overall tight crazing which is beautiful. Please note the crack behind the left faucet, see photo. Faucets are included but sold as is. 24-1/4” wide x 20-1/2” deep x 31-1/2” tall. $450



: This oval cast iron enameled sink is very attractive. It would make a good candidate for refinishing as there is heavy wear to the bowl and rusting around the drain. There is a patch of rough area to the right of the drain in the bowl, see photo. The brackets and waste pull are included, though the waste pull isn’t fitting in down properly at the moment. Faucets are not included. 27-1/2” wide x 19” deep x 31-1/2” tall.  $375
Row 20

VBS122311-02: A nice cast iron American Standard wall hung sink. This sink is in good condition, but has some pitting and discoloration. There is a unique center hole in the backsplash, which had a third faucet mounted there. This sink includes the wall hanging bracket as well has the decorative brackets. 23-1/4” wide x 18” deep x 9-1/2” backsplash $425

VBS112611-04 We never quite know what we will find buried in our warehouse. These chem lab sinks a handful to choose from, come with tops that size from 28” wide to 26” D 16 ½” W by 22 ½” L and 7” D all in good usable shape. $75 ea
VBS112811-1: A cute Kohler wall hung vitreous china sink. This green sink is in pretty good shape with some slight wear around the drain and some missing hardware on the faucet. Hardware is sold as-is. 19-1/4” wide x 16-1/2” deep. $135
VBS112811-2: A nice vitreous china sink. Was a peg leg sink, but currently has no peg leg. Overall in good shape, hardware sold as-is. 20” wide x 18-1/4” deep. $160
Row 21        

VBS111611-03 A 1955 wall hung sink has one surface crack on the left side and some scratches along the front edge. $95.00


VPF060812-1:  This is a great little cast iron enameled drinking fountain! The Halsey W. Taylor Co. drinking fountain does not have hardware. It is in good shape, with some minor pitting and a few chips to the porcelain. 9-1/2” wide x 11-1/4” deep. $145

Row 22  


VBS012713-01 Great big oval pedestal sink pair circa 1908 made of earthenware with fluted column bases. These sinks are not often seen. Big at 33” W by 24” D and 32” T. Both heavily crazed and a few small pits as you would expect from these old sinks. Could be a great addition to your big vintage home bathroom, $1,800.00 each

VBS011513-07 Porcelain over cast iron wall hung sink with original Peck Bros hardware, sorry one valve missing. This sink was used for hair washing possibly in a hair salon, worthy of restoration. Sink is 24” w by 20” D with a 12” backsplash. $395.00

VBS011513-08  A STANDARD 1950s vitreous china wall hung sink 20” W by 18” D with a 6” backsplash in good condition. $150.00



VBS011513-09  A STANDARD vitreous china wall hung sink 20” W by 18” D with a 6” backsplash, could be set up with a nice bridge faucet in good condition. $150.00

VBS011513-11 Interesting American Standard vitreous china sink with angled back, could be wall mounted with some legs or set on a cabinet, your choice, in good condition. 32” W by 18” D. $325.00


VBS011513-12 A small wall hung cast iron bathroom sink, okay condition with some wear and pitting. 21” W by 18” D $ 150.00

VBS012713-04 Nice little pink late 1950’s wall hung shelf back bathroom sink in good condition. 22 ½” W by 18 ½” D. $150.00


VBS012713-06 A 1930’s green wall hung bathroom sink, is missing one handle and euscheon, sink does have some crazing. With some new hardware could be a great little sink. Good size for a small bath at 19 ½” W by 16” deep backsplash is 5 ½” T. $195.00


VBS012713-05 1940’s “Case” wall hung bathroom sink with a 6” backsplash faucets are a 4” center. 20 ¾” W by 18 ½” D $150.00


VBS012713-07: A 1940’s “Case” wall hung sink with towel bars. In good condition except 2 small chips. 22 ½” W by 18 ½” D

VBS012713-08: 1940’s “Case” angled back sink in good overall condition. Will need a pair of legs. Sink is 24 ¾” W by 22 ½” D $195.00

VBS012713-09: 1930’s Shelf back integral spout sink made By the STANDARD company. Some wear and a couple of small pits. $195.00

VBS121712-01: Big Trenton Potteries sink in good shape with a manufacturing date of 1916 stamped on it. We like the original sticker on top of the pedestal see photo, not all pedestals are alike. Sorry about the awful plastic hardware. 30” W by 24” D and stands about 30” T.  $695.00

VBS110812-2: This is a super tiny Crane sink! This piece is definitely unique in its 9” x 9” size. The sink is in good shape, no cracks or chips, just some scratches. There isn’t an exact date, but it looks to be a 1920’s sink. Hardware sold as-is. $395

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