Antique Shower Heads & Rings
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VPF01149-1: Nickel plated shower ring and head, marked "HW". 26" diameter ring, projects 33" from wall. 41" high, and shower head is 7-3/4" diameter. Plating is in very good condition. $875 SOLD

VSH02179-14: White porcelain shower head, 4-1/4" diameter x 3-3/4" long, the nickel plated neck has been badly damaged by a wrench and an inept plumber, $65 as is. VSH02179-16: White porcelain shower head, 5" diameter x 9" long, the nickel plating is deteriorated. $125 VSH02179-8: Small nickel plated shower arm and head 3-7/8" diameter x 4-1/4" long head. Plating is in fair condition. $85
Row 2 
VPF031810-5: Nice porcelain shower head on a brass arm, $175

VBS101110-04 Vintage chrome shower faucet with attached supply lines and hand held hook up attached. Unique print for the H and C handles. Overall this piece is 22" W by 40" Tall   $425

VBS101110-05 Vintage needle shower with attached shower curtain rod Round needle shower is 21" in diameter and the oval shower is 32" by 25". Overall it stands 9" tall.   $575

VSH080811-2: Kas-Bras nickel plated shower head with porcelain volume adjuster. $75. SOLD

Row 3

VSH010312-9: Porcelain shower head in good condition, with some wear to nickel plating on neck. $95

VSH010312-11: Porcelain shower head in good condition, with some wear to nickel plating on neck. $95

VSH010312-10: Porcelain shower head in fair condition, heavily crazed, with some wear to nickel plating on neck. $75 SOLD

VSH010412-8: Chrome octagonal showerhead in good condition, $65 SOLD
Row 4

VSH010412-7: Nickel plated shower head, plating is worn to brass in many spots, nice shape however. $75

VSH010412-6: Chrome Speakman adjustable shower head in good condition, $95 SOLD
VPF010312-8: Nice porcelain bath tub filler spout in very good condition. $125  SOLD
VPF010312-7: Nice porcelain bath tub filler spout with a fleabite on the edge of spout hole. $95 SOLD
Row 5
VPA050510-15: "Standard" nickel plated bathtub spout $75

VPF042010-16: Nickel plated clawfoot tub faucet (tub filler only, no shower diverter), sold "as is" with no guarantee, has not been tested. $125. VWW060810-25: Chrome faucet with wood handle, wall mounted. $50

VSH030512-1: Nickel shower head and ring, heavy wear to nickel plating and the shower head needs to be tightened up. $275.
Row 6  

VSH071812-1: This is a nice vintage shower enclosure. There is some wear to the nickel, but the condition is good. It is worn the most on the curtain ring and the underside of the shower head. The ring is 24” in diameter. The shower head is 7-1/2” in diameter and the riser is 42-1/2” tall. $375

VSH101812-6: Chrome Speakman shower head in very good condition, all moving parts are freely moving. Minor pitting to chrome. $135 SOLD

VSH021513-1: This is a porcelain shower head with a face diameter of 5”. It is in good shape with some wrench marks on the metal and one very minor chip on the outer rim of the faceplate. See photo. $75

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