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VBT121610-05: Kohler Tuscan? color top feed toilet bowl, comes with matching pipe cover. 14" rough, in good condition. $195.00

VBT1128-02: Vintage Douglas "AVON" Toilet. In good shape other than a little hard water staining in the bowl.  $160.00 SOLD

VBT121610-04: Kohler seafoam green top feed toilet bowl circa 1920s in good condition some hard water scale in bowl. Comes with the near matching Church toilet seat. $195.00 SOLD 

VBT1001-07  2 1950s "Standard" wall mounted urinals. In good condition. Overall size is 18" T by 13" W. Sell separately with flush valve $195.00 each.SOLD
  1 Mansfield newer model, wall hung urinal, overall size 18" T by 13' W. One surface crack sell as is for $100.00

Row 2

VBT070212-01: Vintage rear feed toilet bowl, tank, and lid probably from the thirties all in very good shape.  $325   Set SOLD

VBF082911-5: This is a black porcelain bidet.  The black finish is in great shape. The faucet is sold as is, but there really doesn’t seem to be much wear at all to the hardware or fixture itself. 25” long x 16” wide x 14-1/2” tall. $225

VBT1128-03: Vintage Crane "Neuton" toilet in good shape other than some scratches in the bowl. $100.00

VBT1128-04: Vintage Maddox "Madera" toilet in good shape, does have a bit of crazing. Comes with porcelain pipe cover see photo. $195.00 SOLD

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VTT082211-2: This vintage oak toilet tank is in decent shape with several scratches and minor cracks in the wood.  19-1/2” wide x 10-3/4” tall x 9-3/4” deep.  Sold as-is.  $195 SOLD


: This vintage oak toilet tank has been stripped and currently is ready for refinishing! The condition is pretty good.  There is a little wear to the nickel brackets. 21-3/4” wide x 10-3/4” tall x 11-3/4” deep. Sold as is.  $295

VTT082211-4: This is a very beautiful and special walnut tank. It’s in decent shape with some scratches and cracks to the wood. There is a glass float ball that is part of this large tank. 22-3/8” wide x 19-1/2” tall x 8-1/2” deep. Sold as-is.  $295 SOLD

: This is a vintage copper toilet tank. The outside has a very lovely patina to it, but the copper has worn down. All parts of this tank are sold as-is. 18” wide x 14-1/4” tall x 6” deep.  SOLD
Row 4

VBT100611-01: “Douglas” toilet bowl and tank circa 1930. Both are in good condition other than a bit of staining and wear in the bottom of the bowl. Sorry no tank lid. $195.00  SOLD


VBT100611-05: Elger wall mounted urinal tank circa late 1930’s in good condition. 11” W by 9” D and 13 1/3” T $195.00 VBT061212-02: Unique, circa 1880s marble toilet slab you can still see the outline of the last toilet that sat upon it. Slab is a huge 28 ¾” W by 36” L and 1 1/4” thick $395.00

VBU071712-1:  A “Standard” wall mounted urinal.  This one is in good shape, one chip, on the back, which wouldn’t even be noticeable, see photo.  21” tall x 12-1/2” wide x 16” deep. $185


Row 5

VBT102011-1: This is a great freestanding urinal. The fixture is in great shape. This almost matches VBT102011-2. Overall the size is 13-1/2” at the widest and 30” tall. $325 SOLD

VBT102011-2: This is a great “Standard” freestanding urinal. The fixture is in great shape. This almost matches VBT102011-1. Overall the size is 13-1/2” at the widest and 30” tall. $325 SOLD
VBT010412-12: This is 1926 Zeco Pottery toilet bowl, tank, and tank lid, less the seat. The toilet is in great shape with no real visible cracks or chips. The only chip is on the tank lid (see photo). The date stamp is on the inside of the tank lid and the manufacturer’s label is on the side of the tank. $275 SOLD

VBT040611-06: Early 1920s Siwelclo top fed toilet bowl, made by Trenton Potteries in good condition. $195.00

Row 6

VBT110911-02  1948 “STANDARD” one piece toilet in very good condition. Internal parts probably need replacing, add a seat and its ready for installation. $295.00 SOLD

VBT111611-05  A rear feed Douglas “Leader” toilet bowl. Crazing around base, and a bit of deglossing in the bowl. Could still be a good replacement for yours. $175.00

VBT111611-06  A Standard “Modernus” Rear feed toilet bowl. Has some crazing scratches and some staining. Needs a good home. $175.00

VBT111611-07 A Thomas Maddox top feed toilet bowl. A solid bowl just a little bit of crazing. $225.00
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VBT111611-08  A vintage rear feed bowl, manufacturer unknown. In good overall condition. $150.00



VBT111611-09  1929 Case one piece toilet bowl with kidney shaped lid. In good shape overall some scratches in the bowl from a poor snake out job and one surface crack in the glazing. $250.00

VBT112611-03 Kohler toilet in good condition newer than our usual fare. (1957) We kinda like the greenish bluish color. $175  SOLD

VBT020112-04: Thomas Maddox toilet set circa 1928 includes bowl, tank, lid and porcelain pipe cover. Toilet has some crazing throughout and in the bowl but no structural cracks. Does need new spuds, offset pipe and internal hardware but worth the effort. $375.00

Row 8
VBU071712-2:  An “Eljer” wall mounted urinal.  This one isn’t that old at 1981. It’s in good condition. 24” tall x 16” wide x 11” deep. $185

VBT100312-02  STANDARD one piece toilet in very good condition. Does need internal tank hardware. Also have the matching sink see photo below. Toilet is $325.00 sink is sold separately for $325.00 sell the pair for $525.00 SOLD

VBF081811-3: Pair of nickel plated toilet tank brackets, signed Peck Bros. Some pitting to nickel plating. $175 pair

 VBT041013-04 Thomas Maddox “Madoric” rear fed toilet bowl with tank and lid. Solid set, bowl has some crazing and staining in the bottom, some staining on the lid and tank as well. $275

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 VBT041013-03 Thomas Maddox “Madison-Jet” rear fed toilet bowl with tank and lid. Basically solid, but with crazing and some odd staining notice the blue coming thru tank has the original porcelain handle. $
  VBT111111-05: A piece of our Rochester hometown history. Bowl was made by an unknown manufacturer for the N. Feinberg company. Bowl and tank are present sorry no lid. Bowl has some wear, hard water deposits and wear from the toilet seat. Tank is okay porcelain flush handle is broken will need replacing. $150.00   VBT121712-02 2 wall mounted urinals available, not very old, both in good shape one has a couple of surface cracks and both have a little hardwater staining. $225 each

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VBT101111-1: This is a reproduction pill box toilet that would be a great addition to a vintage bathroom. The toilet is in great shape, the solid oak seat is also in very good condition. Everything is sold as is. The diameter of the tank is about 18” and the overall height is 38”.  The seat height is 18”. $625 SOLD

VBT101811-04: Trenton Potteries “Siwelco” model toilet with bowl, tank and lid. Toilet is in very good overall shape other than small gouges where the toilet bolts were cut off. Bottom fed tank will need all new parts including the bottom spud and the bowl will need a new spud and offset pipe as well. $295.00  SOLD

VBT082211-1: This toilet has a patent date of 1909 and a painted copper tank manufactured by “White-Copper.” There is a porcelain flush lever, solid wood seat lid. The seat is missing, but the bracket is still intact, so a seat could be made. Overall the toilet is in good condition with some minor wear to the finish of the seat hardware and some blemishes in the painted finish on the tank. 14” rough-in. $350 SOLD

Row 12

VBT111111-04: A Trenton Potteries “Siwelco” model bowl, tank and lid. Bowl is heavily crazed “almost a work of art”, tank and lid are in good shape and 1 piece of the porcelain collar is with it. Tank is top fed with a bottom pull flush ball.$295.00 SOLD
VBT111111-02: Trenton Potteries “Siwelco” model top feed toilet with a top feed tank and  porcelain pipe covers and tank lid. Notice the bottom pull flush ball. In overall good shape with a bit of crazing in the bowl and one small chip on the lid.  A great addition to your period bath. $395.00 SOLD

VBT111111-03 A Crane Mauritania rear feed bowl matched up to a Crane Craco tank with lid and porcelain flush handle. Bowl has some crazing otherwise in good shape. $325.00 SOLD

VBT110211-1: A very nice Crane “Saneto” toilet bowl, tank & tank lid. The toilet is in great shape and was taken from a working bathroom. There is some crazing to the underside of the tank and the tank lid had a crack on one corner and a chip on the other (see photos). This looks to have a 12” rough in. Tank: 20-1/2” wide x 15-1/2” tall. $295 SOLD

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Douglas, $160
VBT111611-04  Circa 1940 Crane “Hanover” toilet with bowl, tank and lid. All in good condition.  $295.00 SOLD
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Crane "Neo Saxonet" $160 $160 $125


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  K of K, $160 Thos. Maddock's Sons, vitreous china, pat. Nov. 14, 1929. $160 SOLD Mansfield, $135

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