Antique Cup and Toothbrush Holders

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VSD021913-17: J. L. Mott cup holder and soap dish, nickel plated brass. This is a beauty. Showing some brassing but we are leaving it as is, however we can replate it in polished nickel for you if you prefer that. $475 as is or $75 additional for re-plating.

VSD021913-8: A circa 1890 soap and cup holder, nickel plated over brass, wear to plating and brassing in several spaces. $275 as is, or we are able to have this re-plated in polished nickel for an additional $75.

VBF021913-7: Nice nickel plated "San-o-la" cup holder, some wear to the plating. $70. We can have this replated for you in polished nickel for an additional $40. SOLD

VBA1001-14: Double cup holder, nickel plated, unsigned. In very good condition. $425

Row 2

VCH062911-28: Pair of heavy nickel plated (over brass) cup holders by the J.L. Mott Company. Circa 1890, condition on one is excellent, and on the otehr very good. $395 pair.
VBA012811-3: Cup and toothbrush holder, original nickel plating is in very good condition, $125
VSD112812-1: Nickel plated cup holder, unmarked, this has been re-plated and so is in excellent condition. $125
VBF121711-3: Nickel plated toothbrush holder, in excellent condition, $75
Row 3

VBF052412-2: Polished nickel toothbrush holder, this has been replated. $85 VBA10239-5: Polished Chrome Cup Holder, some pitting to chrome plate. $35

VPF4212: Belgian Nickel plated toothbrush holder, nice design that will actually fit some of today's toothbrush designs, they drop out of large holes in bottom, $85

VBF012810-10: J. L. Mott nickel plated toothbrush holder in good condition. $195

Row 4

VCH021012-3: Nickel cup holder, wear to plating. $65

VBF052412-13: Nice cup holder that has been re-plated in polished nickel. $85

VTB010412-1: Nickel plated toothbrush holder, advertising the Chas. H. Strickler Heating and Plumbing Company of Manchester, PA. Excellent condition with original screws. $75
VPF100710-4: Cup and toothbrush holder, probably by Sanola, $125
Row 5

VBF072612-13: Sternau & Co. double cup and soap holder, wall mounted. This lovely piece has been replated in polished nickel. $425 SOLD

VBA020312-4: This is a nice chrome cup holder. This is in very good condition. Sorry there is no mounting bracket.  4” wide x 3-1/4” projection. $45

VBA020912-1: This is a great chrome toothbrush holder. This little thing is in great shape and has very little wear. Projects 2-1/2”. $45

VBA020912-2: This chrome cup holder is in very nice condition with little to no wear. The mounting bracket is included. The diameter of the cup holder is 2-3/4”, projects 3-5/8”. $45

Row 6

VCH022212-3: Nickel plated cup holder by the Art Company, in very good condition. $95

VBF0524112-12: Exceptional unmarked cup and soap holder that has been replated in polished nickel. $235
VBF020812-14: Brass cup and toothbrush holder with remnants of original nickel plating. $45

VBA021512-4: This is a nice cup and toothbrush holder. The nickel is in pretty good condition, but inside the cup holder there is a lot of wear. There is a stamp that reads “Wilwear Quality.” Projects 5”, Cup holder diameter is 2-3/4”. $95

Row 7

VCH101812-5: Chrome Art Deco cup and toothbrush holder. Some brassing, wear to chrome. $45

VBA020912-3: This is a nice, heavy cup and toothbrush holder. There is very little wear to the chrome finish, just a little in the cup holder. The mounting bracket is included. The diameter of the cup holder is 2-1/2”, and it projects 4-3/8”. $75

VPA012210-4: porcelain enamel cup and toothbrush holder, wear to enamel in several spots, needs a good bleaching. $75 as is.

VPA1013-12: Enamel over steel toothbrush holder, some rust, $65

Row 8 

VPA1002-33: Belgian porcelain wall mount toothbrush holder, very deco, $60

VPA07019-4: Deco toothbrush and cup holder, excellent condition. $55

VPF4064 & VPF4065: Belgian, enamel cup and toothbrush holder, sold separately, $60 and $70

VPA092010-5: Pair of Cup & Toothbrush Holders, $90 pair
Row 9

VCH062911-31: Enamel over cast iron cup holder, chalking to finish and an obvious repair attempt on stem. $55

VPA1013-11: Enamel over steel toothbrush holder, surface mount, small rust spot at bottom of front. $65

VTH010511-8: Porcelain toothbrush and cup holder, $75

VPA0725-16: Porcelain toothbrush holder, surface mount. $45

Row 10
VPA10239-3: Matte glaze tile-in toothbrush holder, in a salmon color, circa 1920. The top back is chipped off, however this will not be visible once this is tiled in. See photo below for details. $45 as is.

VBS032112-1: This is a great 3” x 6” tiled-in cup and toothbrush holder. There is very little wear to the piece. The patent date on this is May 22nd, 1923. The cup diameter is 2-5/8” and it projects 3-1/4” from the wall. $95

VBA110311-3: This is a nice, small cast iron enameled, tiled-in toothbrush holder. It is in very good shape with some slight scratches and one small chip on the inside/bottom that would be covered once recessed into the wall and one on the side. 2-5/8” wide x 4” tall (backplate). 4-3/8” wide overall. $65

VPA092712-13: This is a great tiled in toothbrush holder. It was made by Aetco tile and is 3” x 6” and meant for subway tile. It is in great condition with no chips or cracks. $125

Row 11

VPA101912-5: Porcelain surface mounted cup holder. 3” diameter and projects 3-9/16” from the wall. $45

VPA101912-6: Porcelain wall mounted cup holder. The piece is missing the mounting hardware but overall is in good shape. The fixture is 3-7/16” wide and projects 3-11/16” from the wall. $45

VBF020812-13: Green toothpaste and toothbrush holder in very good condition. $55

VPA01199-8: Porcelain Cup Holder, $55

Row 12

VPA101912-1: Porcelain toothbrush holders, they are 4-5/16” wide and project 2-7/16” from the wall. Missing the mounting hardware. Sold separately. $55 each

VPA101912-2:  Porcelain wall mounted cup and toothbrush holder, projects 3-9/16” from the wall. Sold separately. $65 each

VPA101912-3:  Porcelain wall mounted cup and toothbrush holder. Small chip on the front edge and missing the mounting hardware. 4-5/8” wide x 3-3/8” deep. $25

VPA101912-4:  Porcelain wall mounted cup and toothbrush holder. 4-3/4” wide and projects 4” from the wall. $45

Row 13
VPA07019-1: Art Deco toothbrush & toothpaste holders and sanitizers made by Listerine. $45 each, we have 5 of these little gems.

VPA0810-1: AETCo tile in toothbrush and cup holder, excellent condition, $75

VPA101912-8: Large porcelain wall mounted toothbrush holder.  Missing the mounting hardware and there is a small chip in the front right (visible in picture). Width at the base is 5-13/16” and it projects 3-3/8” from the wall. $65

Art Brass Co. nickel plated toothbrush holder, personalized with the Frank Randall Co. Plumbing and Heating Co. name. Slight bend to right side of backplate. $55
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VTB050413-5: Art Brass Co. nickel plated toothbrush holder, for the large family! Measures 6-1/4" wide and holds 7 toothbrushes. $125
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VPA01199-9: Porcelain Cup Holder, $45 SOLD

Row 17

VPA1013-10: White porcelain cup holder, surface mount, $24 SOLD

VPA1013-8: Black porcelain cup holder, surface mount, $24 SOLD

VBF080811-12: Nickel plated double cup holder and soap dish combination, made by the Silver Co. of New York, circa 1880. Plating is in very good condition overall. This is a beauty. $475. SOLD

VBF030112-2: Chrome recessed toothbrush holder, 7-3/8" wide x 8-1/2" high. $65 SOLD
Row 18

VPA0816-54: Surface mounted cup holder. $25

VPA0816-53: Surface mounted cup holder. $25

VPF4105: Porcelain cup holder, Belgian, $66

VPA01199-13: Porcelain Cup Holder, 2-5/8" diameter inside. $45

Row 19
VBA030911-7: Nickel plated cup and toothbrush holder, the backplate is wrinkled slightly. $60 SOLD VPA011910-4: Soft green matte glazed toothbrush holder, tile-in, $75.SOLD VPA050510-9: Porcelain toothbrush and toothpaste holder, $55 SOLD

ALSO VPA100810-10 SOLD

VPA01279-23: Black ceramic cup and toothbrush holder, excellent condition. $45 SOLD

Row 20

VBF011510-9: Chrome Cup Holder, some wear to chrome, $35 SOLD

VPA0320-5: Porcelain 3" x 6" (Subway tile) toothbrush holder by American Encaustic Tile Co. (AETCo). $75 SOLD

VCH062911-29: Enamel over cast iron cup and toothbrush holder, chalking to finish. $75 SOLD
VDH072612-14: Chrome cup holder, dec style. Matching soap dish also available. $25 SOLD

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